Fingerprint devices

Fingerprint devices

Attendance recording devices, handprint, fingerprint, or card

Learn about the latest systems to register attendance and departure of employees by fingerprint, fingerprint or magnetic card

The fingerprint system is used as the most modern way to record time of attendance, departure, signing, delay, extra pay, days of absence, salaries, discounts, observers, records. When you use one of the recording devices to attend the footprint system, you avoid many mistakes and problems of manipulation. The presence and departure of employees, which were carrying you extra financial burdens, have proved their efficiency in all the companies and institutions that have used attendance and departure devices, especially in the interests of government agencies, banks, large and medium and small companies.

The technique of fingerprinting depends on replacing the written signature with an electronic signature by fingerprint, smart card, PIN or fingerprint through a device that records the timing of attendance and departure of employees with extreme precision.

اجهزة حضور وانصراف بالبصمة

 ZKT ECO UA300   Fingerprint attendance and departure

ZKT ECO UA300 Fingerprint attendance and departure

Technical SpecificationsFingerprint Capacity3000 (1:N)ID Card Capacity10,000 (Optional)Record C..

S.R 750

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